AgTrakk Makes Family Farm Audits Easy


Family farms have enough to worry about: measuring soil conditions, preparing fields, managing employees, performing equipment maintenance, tracking what’s coming in versus what’s in storage and more. Did we forget to mention that you also have to stay up to date with inspections, audits and compliance? Without a full administrative team, as some enterprise farms have, family farms often need help with the messy shuffle of paperwork.

With a digital solution to compliance assistance, these farms can increase their efficiency and spend their time on food-producing and revenue-generating tasks. Running a farm can get messy quickly if your books and files aren’t in order. And preparing all of it for those inspections and audits? That takes a lot of time and focus since it’s essential to get it right. Your farm literally depends on it.

So how can you get help? With AgTrakk, you can streamline many aspects of running your farm.

With our user-friendly platform, track payroll to know who did what in real-time, collect operational data to increase productivity and receive compliance assistance. To simplify audits, you can provide important records to regulatory agencies directly from AgTrakk. That way, with their log-in information, they can perform desk audits without ever stepping on-site.

AgTrakk simplifies audits by providing your farm’s records directly to regulatory agencies, so no more messy paperwork or sifting through the shoebox full of receipts and notes– with the added benefit of keeping your trade secrets safe while still being open about your process. All the regulatory agent would require is a login to access your information through AgTrakk, then they will have everything they need to perform desk audits before visiting the farm in person.

By cutting down on administrative work, paperwork and interruptions to the normal routine of your farm, you can free yourself up to do what you do best: run your farm.

And that means you’ll achieve better results. It’s a win-win, especially for family farms that don’t have full-time administrative teams to take care of all that extra work that AgTrakk can take off your plate.

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