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At AgTrakk, we’re committed to improving farm efficiency, productivity and transparency by empowering farmers with essential digital tools. With our cutting-edge, all-in-one farming app, we’re redefining agricultural practices for the modern era.

Who we are

About AgTrakk

The modern-day farmer has a lot on their plate. From managing equipment, fields, employees and certifications— it can be difficult to keep track of all the moving pieces.

Just as the agricultural revolution brought farmers tools to increase productivity, AgTrakk brings technological revolution to farming to meet the world's growing demands.

Our technology tracks and stores a farm’s activity every day, including field data and reports, crew members, equipment, fertilizer application, warehouses, payroll, compliance and more.

Plus, we stand at the forefront of transforming farm operations—streamlining processes, standardizing procedures and integrating essential functions to enhance farm efficiency.

From employee onboarding to financial analysis, equipment maintenance, and payroll management, our app is a comprehensive solution designed for the modern farmer.

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Our mission is to boost the efficiency of farms and create confidence in our food system once and for all.

We believe in providing farmers with the tools they need to succeed in their daily operations and within the rapidly evolving agricultural industry. We enable farmers to focus on their craft while ensuring that consumers receive the highest quality produce.
By offering a suite of tools to track and manage every aspect of farming, from planning to execution, AgTrakk empowers farmers to make strategic decisions that drive a healthy food system for everyone.


The agricultural industry is evolving into the digital age, and we’re going to help it get there. We want farming to work for everyone, both farmers and consumers alike. Will you join us on the journey?

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