Effective Employee Relations with Enterprise


Large farms can feed up to 155 people each day. With massive production capabilities like that, a small increase in efficiency can lead to significant profit increases. And keeping a big operation running takes a lot of labor, resources and support. As an enterprise farmer, how efficiently are you putting it all to use?

Enterprise farms have multiple crews made up of many employees to keep their large operations running smoothly. It can be a challenge, but they have to do their best to keep track of all the activity and data that goes along with effective employee management.

Effective employee management means maximizing the efficiency of your crews as well as organized tracking and management on the administrative side of keeping them employed.

Just as a small productivity boost can make profits skyrocket, a small productivity decrease or deficiency could mean losing lots of potential money.

Enterprise-level farms need to easily gather, organize, view and interpret this data from their employees in order to put every resource or labor-hour to its best use. Track the who, what, where and when of all your employees’ activities. Clock them each in as individuals or all together as entire crews. See how everyone is spending their time to determine current levels of efficiency and areas for improvement. Onboard new team members quickly and get them trained up with a comprehensive portal where employees can access or enter data themselves:

  • Company standard operating procedures.
  • Staff eligibility, hours, schedules & pay stubs.
  • Training materials.
  • Records.

Think of it: automations, digital evolution replacing paperwork. And with the added benefit of a wealth of data to rely on as you further hone your farm’s efficiency and maximize your production and profits.

Does that sound like it would boost your farm? At AgTrakk, we’re committed to delivering every perk we’ve described above. By relying on us, you can bring your farm into the digital age and find greater profits and growth than ever before.


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