Connecting the Dots from Plant to Plate


When people hear the word “pesticide,” they tend to think of toxic chemicals. Though it can be more complicated than that, the word simply turns many people off. That’s part of the reason pesticides are often referred to as “plant protection products” (or “PPPs”) these days.

Consumers tend to be driven into camps. Some want all organic food. Some people like seeing words like “natural” on labels – but they don’t really know what all of these certifications and classifications mean when it comes to choosing the right foods for themselves.

PPPs are used to reduce the amount of damage to their crop yields from pests such as insects, fungi or other plants. However, some of these chemicals are linked to environmental detriment as well as health issues. The mystery and lack of information available are troubling for many consumers. This is why we at AgTrakk want to get everyone connected.

If consumers want to avoid certain substances and rely on products from farms that use alternate products or processes, then they should be able to access that information. It allows farms to cater to the demands of their consumers, ultimately boosting their sales and growing their business. But beyond that, farmers should also have the opportunity to explain why they use certain PPPs.

If consumers could access better and more transparent information about the produce they shop for, consumers would have greater confidence in their purchases. At AgTrakk, we believe that would benefit the people shopping for groceries as well as farmers themselves. When everyone is on the same page, the confidence increases in our food system.

That’s why we’ve developed the digital solution to the problem we’ve described above. With AgTrakk, we’re connecting the dots from plant to plate. We’re ensuring consumers know what they’re choosing for food, and we’re helping farms boost their productivity and efficiency at the same time.

Regardless of the size of your farm, when customers have access to accurate and clear information about the products they’re choosing between, it’s going to help you sell what you grow.

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